He tried to ignore it and distract himself with math homework, but he soon started to feel the effects of the peppermint. Allergies to mint arent common. It easily becomes his worst nightmare, andUnder the Stars of Orion by @theoceanismyinkwell. Im craving Keener, but especially their dynamic. Yo dude, that new comics out! Peter shook his head. Pepper, freshly showered and now smelling like vanilla, was pulling some cookies out of the oven. Cookie Notice Peppermint is known to repel spiders, and can be lethal in large quantities., In which Peter gives Tony and the gang a rather festive health scare on Christmas Eve, Peppermint-the Flavor of Evil byironmanisalive. Five Times Peter Parker Pretended to Be Asleep by @blondsak, Hey, did you know that some spiders hibernate.. Tony took a few bites of his food but side eyed the kid, trying to figure out whey something wasn't right about the way he sounded. the only ones that get a little tedious is when i'm asked for sick peter recs for like, the 3rd time in a week. Thats why he didnt notice when Penny started to act strangely. Thinking about it now, his feelings were a little mixed on that. Peter hummed at that, sauntering out with a last thank you. I know., Its My Party and Ill Bite If I Want To by @whumphoarder. Healthline Media does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. With May away, Peter stays at Happys for the weekend but things dont go as planned when Peter suddenly gets sick. Symptoms include: The allergic reaction from mint touching the skin is called contact dermatitis. Mr Stark jumps back as Peter finishes. evilmint #doctorstrange or: may has a heart attack and peter is simply not jazzed about it. Peter finished his plate of pasta in record time. A little warning would have been a nice kid. Tony murmurs just as their names are called by Pepper. Why not, Im ready shes just sitting there, Flash isnt around. He arrives at the lake house and is greeted by an excited Morgan. It was then that he realized he was actually turning into a spider, not just gaining some pretty weird powers. ? Happy yelped jumping out of the splash zone while protecting his strawberry ice cream as if it were his child. Lots of medical jargon, I believe he gets driven to the tower in Tonys vehicle? as he secretly took to calling it) for a long time. He gingerly reaches out and takes the stick of gum. Well nope. Meanwhile, Peter tries to find his place in a world that just doesnt feel like his own anymore. He drinks Tony's drink which has weird leaves in it. Natasha listened the conmotion and when she arrived, she found 2 horrified faces from 2 paralized Avengers and 1 that started rushing towards Peter that was collapsed on the floor trying to breath. " Peter, you dont have to do this, MJ whispered into his ear giving him a pointed look. Do you have any fics where everyone realises that Tony and Peter are Father and Son. And you know why I dont want to go to Tony, Peter murmured, Tony and Bucky still didnt quite get along. Before long, he was wheezing, barely breathing, and dizzy from lack of oxygen. Just make sure you let me know, next time, if youre allergic to my holiday decorations. (Peter Parker), "It is just a stomachache" (Peter Parker), "Well Maybe, I do need to rest" (Shuri). It did the trick, and Peter could breathe again. And when it comes to talking to girls all the smart thoughts Peter has ever had disappear. #tonystark Ive already turned off the stove Mr. Parker, she assured, Peter nodded at that peeking in as Wanda looked down at her cake with a smile. It didnt seem fair, but even if Tony didnt know it or even realize it. Tony shook the others away, fingers gently brushing through the teens hair in an attempt to help soothe his frazzled nerves. Peter took the next three days off work due to food poisoning, under the watchful eye of Tony Stark. Tony sighed, Get changed Bud, Tony exited, twirling his thumbs and leaning against the hallway's wall until Peter emerged. Drink up. When an unexpected allergic reaction puts Peter's life at risk, how will Tony react? With his head down Peter let go of the Avenger and tentatively stepped in the room, he really couldnt make Wanda move all her things and then have another room cleaned all because hed been scared of a spider. Well, you did bring a kid to a fight. Unable to feel his legs as he buried his face in his hands. Peter is allergic to peppermint Sick Character Sick Fic Vomiting Christmas Party Hurt/Comfort Fluff Christmas Fluff Sick Peter Parker Podfic Podfic & Podficced Works Podfic Length: 10-20 Minutes Embedded Audio Audio Format: Streaming A field trip gone wrong leaves Peter and Ned wandering through a seemingly endless corn maze. I don't know what they gave me, maybe an EpiPen. Will he be able to save his Spider-kid? He was hit with the strongest smell of peppermint ever. Having a mint allergy can be difficult because mint is found in so many foods and products. The only ones who know I am spiderman are Tony aka dad and Nat. kind of did and he went back to focusing on not passing out. I'm sorry I triggered your allergies, Peter," she said with a smile. Peter gets stuck out in the cold and goes into hibernation. They would. Both left him humiliated, and his little fear of spiders honestly would only send him reeling into that feeling again. Tony frowned, "FRIDAY where was this spray?" Now it is my turn to pass this onto you, young padawan. Ned passes the bottle to Peter. Suddenly a slim cool hand was placed on his shoulders, and a bottle of water being offered. A case of anaphylaxis to peppermint. 2023 Healthline Media LLC. and any reccs for tony gets literal heart attack bcz of peter? He cleared his throat quietly, hoping it would help. M jus cold., Of Wally-Crawly Harnesses and Over-Enthusiastic Hat-Bestowing Capabilities by @theoceanismyinkwell. Of course, he wouldnt hurt someone though and they knew that. Keep your soldiers away from my kid, Tony finally spoke, finality in his tone as he slid his arm around the young arachnids waist as to put a barrier between him and Steve. Our dietitian discusses whether food, An at-home celiac testing kit can be a helpful first step in determining whether you might be at risk of having or developing the condition. It felt as if Tony cared for him as if he was his family. Vision and Wanda were caught up between one another to not pay too much attention to him, but Peter did often find himself baking with the other young Avenger. Did you brush your teeth?. Hey, its clean Peter I promise, Tony hummed as the boy hugged to his chest, Everythings clean but if you want new furniture we can do that too, he even offered. Peter loved lamb. Peter hummed at that, sauntering out with a last thank you. A surprising new allergy to peppermint was currently the bane of Peter's existence. Thankfully Tony can speak Italian, and FRIDAY can too. Which is insane, Bucky spoke up, remembering the horror that filled his chest when the kid spoke and caught his arm. You dont have to cry, Tony murmured into the smaller males hair, Its just you and me kiddo, The inventor felt the boys harsh and shuddering inhale and the shaking of his head. Sparing a glance as Wanda passed by the doorway before she disappeared down the hall. This made both Peter and Tony nervous. But the man walked right past them, arm falling to Peters lower back to usher him forward as they headed off towards the bedrooms. Ned, you're the best! Peter envelops his pal in a tight hug before pulling away and removing the lid from the spray. No, Im fine. And with Peter sacrificing his comfort in trying to keep him from confronting Barnes and Sam, he had to talk with them now. Peter chose vanilla, wondering what else would you use for a red velvet cake. Youd have thought it was Ben who killed all the spiders, but May took satisfaction in it like no other. Thanks so much! You should have told us that you couldnt, . I took an apple for my metabolism and started walking towards the training room. Over the years since the first draft of the accords came out, many amendments had been made and they benefit both superheroes, civilians and the government. The allergic reaction from mint touching the skin is called contact dermatitis. At the ripe old age of 25, Peter proposed to MJ. Following an illness, Peter goes into hibernation at the compound. But to officially be an avenger your identity has to be on full display. Brainwashed Peter Peter is allergic to Peppermint Peter and Tony are kidnapped Morgan loves bugs Apocalypse AU Bio son Peter throws a tantrum Peter is quarantined at the tower Peter finishes his finals Tony is there for sleepy Peter Tony takes little Peter to the beach An injured Peter goes to the tower looking for Tony left kudos on this work! And there really wasnt any reason to admit it either, spiders arent stopping him from living his life. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. You dont have to, Peter hurriedly let out, the same nagging fear from before instantly consuming him. (2014). After recovering from a broken jaw and a lengthy stay in the compounds medbay, Peter is horrified to discover that his dietary preferences have shifted drastically. Work Search: No matter how festive your poison is, its always better to put a candle out than break into the Peter is totally fine. tip: katekyou "alternate universe" sort:>words. Pepper didnt say a word when she came to bed and saw on the other side of her husband, the small spider was pressed into his arms protectively. Despite having survived the irradiated bite of a mutant spider, Peter Parker's immune system is astonishingly weak. Hed have a little talk with Steves little soldier entourage later though. Read it, The teens face scrunched ever so slightly at that, now that Peter thought about it he hasnt ever heard anyone else call her Fri. Peter and Happy realised this new discovery when Peter took one lick of his ice cream and spontaneously threw up on Happys shoes. It was probably just that., Okay Mr. Stark gave him one more weird look before turning his attention to the red and blue suit in front of him. He was still young, and Tony couldnt put it past Peter to hide an injury or something worse all because hed rather not face him. Unfortunately (or, rather, quite fortunately), May was in the kitchen and heard Peter wheezing and struggling to breathe, so she whipped out her handy-dandy emergency inhaler (Peter still had no idea how she always had it on her) and gave him a couple puffs. General May requested it.. tip: arthur merlin words>1000 sort:hits. Hes ducking under the window and hears a loud thud. Our experts continually monitor the health and wellness space, and we update our articles when new information becomes available. Although his heart was beating childishly scared because Peter had gotten in front of him, and hed had nightmares of Bucky hurting the kid. Trembling absolutely terrified. Even when you get epinephrine, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. These plants and herbs include: Many foods and other products contain mint, usually for the flavor or the scent. Because there was no way that Peter was going to remind Tony Stark that he had forgotten that Peter was allergic, not when he had gone to so much trouble and hired a barista for the occasion. Mrs Jones gave Peter a wink whispering family recipe, before walking back into the kitchen to bring out the vegetables. Learn how it works. Had he broken his nose and it healed wrong? The accords. Hed gotten used to the smell shortly after hed started living with Ben and May and it was never really an issue. But the boy looked a little better with Tony around, more at bay, although they could still see him worriedly scanning the area around him. Peter gets sick for the first time in a long time and nobody seems to believe him. Much like his mentor, then again he did design it. See additional information. So yes, hed be beyond willing to put himself in front of someone who intentionally or unintentionally had caused him such grief if it meant Peter didnt have too. One thought racing through his mind: What made Peter feel the need to protect him? (Post Thanos fix-it) While Tony embarks on a painful and frustrating recovery, he wrestles with the fear that hes no longer capable of caring for his family. Am I being kidnapped right now? Peter asks. #samwilson Apparently Spider-Babies are allergic to peppermint. This may or may not be based off the fact that I'm low-key allergic to peppermint and almost died when my roommate started wearing peppermint lotion (See the end of the work for other works inspired by this one.). do you have any fics where peter's spider side is sometimes more harm than good? Complying to Tonys arm guiding him behind him, the man spoke. A concoction filled to the brim with garlic and onions. Peter pauses looking down at his fancy shoes that Pepper had gotten him from her business trip to Italy. beware clowns wielding bug spray by @hailing-stars Peter gets sprayed in the face with bug spray by a clown robbing a gas station. He arrives at the lake house and is greeted by an excited Morgan. The offending spider in Buckys metal arm was quickly deposited back into its case, and the two at Steves pointed glare moved to take it away and remove themselves from the youngest Avenger and especially Tonys presence. " 'Baby sneezed' protocol activated" FRIDAY said Work Search: Its been a hard few weeks, Tony told himself. He was getting worried now. After Peter faints into hibernation because he cant thermoregulate, Tony isnt taking anymore chances. Its Peters first time skating, but hes always been a fast learner at the things hes trieduntil he isnt. and got bitten by a glowing, radioactive spider. Other products are: Peppermint oil extracted from mint is an herbal supplement that many people use for a variety of things including headaches and the common cold. 2. Thank you for reading! But yeah, he was fine. Its gone Pete, please stop crying,. swollen lips and tongue. newnan arrests mugshots / cold war combat knife max level / peter is allergic to peppermint fanfiction. I think its a decently sized fic, easily over 10k words, probably well over 20k words. The building was immaculate. There are many different things that came out of the spider bite. "That is weakness, I am not weak" (Natasha Romanoff), "Who sprayed bug reppellant?" if you have any that'd be great! Nobodys seen Peter for a couple days.this is how Tony finds out that spiders hibernate. . #buckybarnes Privacy Policy. Mint is the name of a group of leafy plants that includes peppermint, spearmint, and wild mint. Will he be able to save his Spider-kid? can u pls give some de-aged peter whump fic recommendations? Spiders don't like peppermint. Cmon, we need to see him now. Happy grabs Peter by the wrist and drags him into the car before heading straight to Tonys lab. He rubs a hand up and down his arm and gives him a small smile. Anyone who has an anaphylactic reaction should immediately seek medical attention because it can be life-threatening. Tooth problems and MJ problems byalltheSinnersandalltheSaints. Tony laughs aloud at the mention of Wanda fished through the cabinets until she found the saran wrap and wrapped the cake up before stuffing it in the fridge. Good thing Tony loves the kid so damn much. Chickpea and Bleach Curry by @midsommersolstice. The teen really would hate to look foolish in front of the man, hed done so too many times, not including the times he had actually done something wrong and was being scolded. Ned Im being serious! When all hes ever known was people trying to hurt him. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Ive read all of your fics, for real ALL so I need something to read, can you recommend some fics? An Extreme Case of the Sleepies by @slothbeans, I Said Hey, Whats Going On? A panicking Peter was far more important. All Tony wanted was a couple hours to buy something nice for his fiance, but Peters spider DNA has other plans. Regardless Michelles parents were ecstatic at the news and invited the pair and May over for a celebratory dinner. The team may have been back together, but it would never be the same. I am sure you are asking yourselves, 'hey Peter do they know you are spiderman?' But the inventor could already see a plethora of things cross behind the boys eyes before he shook his head before he huddled back against his mentor's chest. Tony asked, Tony turned to the only ones there. " had been cleared from the floor. Tonys pretty chill, all things considered. He looks over at his mentor as the man quickly rifles through his jacket pockets before he freezes. I didnt want to ruin Christmas. Wanda snapped, "Shut it the both of you and kill the damn wasp" Sam yelled, "LANGUAGE!" At least Mr. Stark did, most of the time. Ms. Potts was wearing peppermint. This would be bad enough, but when Peter starts getting seriously ill on top of that, it all goes to shit. do you have any more peter emeto fics? Ive made a couple fic rec posts already, which Ill link here: Both Peter & Tony are down for the count recs, What We Lose in the Fire We Gain in the Flood by @xxx-cat-xxx. The door opened and he could hear both Sam and Bucky snickering in the doorway. Sobs still bubbling up, leading Tony to pull the boy into the curve of his body as Peter clung to him as if the world was ending. But I will. Peter whispered back. "FRIDAY scan him please" Bruce yelled while trying to listen his lungs, "It seems to be an effect from a spray, sir" she answered, Bruce continued checking Peter that now had an oxygen mask on his mouth. spider tendencies (series) by kitty_pryde_bi_pride, a series of one-shots in which Peters spider traits come through. Tony laughs aloud at the mention of, Michelle Jones & Ned Leeds & Peter Parker, Tony Stark Acting as Peter Parker's Parental Figure, Canon Divergence - Avengers: Endgame (Movie), Peter Parker's Perils (A series of one-shots). Cant have you dying before I ask you out. MJ smirks down at him. Then it became an issue. The two waited, both raising a brow when Sam and Bucky came by. Peter gets food poisoning, and guess whos there to take care of him. Some of the substances in these plants are anti-inflammatory and can be used to help allergy symptoms, but they also contain other substances that can cause an allergic reaction in some people. No matter how festive your poison is, its always better to put a candle out than break into the, The three soon made their way back upstairs to find that all traces of. Sleeping Through a Rogue Winter Storm byPogokitten. #michellejones Peter peers out the car windows at the scrubby, terra-cotta colored terrain that stretches off for miles all around them, terminating on the distant horizon in huge pastel-hued mountains. Its The Iron Forge (Whumptober 2019) by Assayist. LF a Peter Parker allergy fic involving mint and ends up being unable to breathe? And of course, because of that; they have to answer to Tony Stark. Bayat R, et al. The oil and leaves of the mint plant have been used as herbal medicine for quite a few conditions, including soothing an upset stomach or relieving a headache. He began coughing up a storm while Ned freaked out beside him. #vision A surprising new allergy to peppermint was currently the bane of Peters existence. MJ laughed as Peter apologised to everyone. While prescribed and over-the-counter medications can work to relieve these. Taking a seat at his desk, Peter could hear his sense purr ever so slightly and something heavy crawled up his back and settled on his shoulder. Did you know she only responds to Fri when its you or Tony or Rhodey? Wanda informed. While the couple dote on him, Happy gives them all a rundown of the conference and the press that will be there. Personally, Peter and Wanda still didnt see it as a good enough reason to pick on him. He stumbles into the living area and then freezes. Natasha whod been on the couch moved to help, only for the elevator to open and Tony to step out. "Oh my god." Peter sucked in another laboured breath, watching the three men stare at him. Still, in his clothes from the day before, body slumped in fear and shifted on his feet. What spray did you use? DOI: Szema AM, et al. Or ones where people witnesse Tony being a soft dadTM and are surprised? What the fuck! That way, he had a safe space to hide from the enemy without being poisoned. byAssDiscourse. What they don't realize is their jokes only seem to hurt and frighten the spider-themed hero. Oral immunotherapy can help treat food allergies by desensitizing your body to the allergenic substance. Mid-winter Siesta by @whimsicalethnographies, M not tired, Peter rubs his eyes when they reach the heavy oak door of his room, obviously very tired. Peter ends up getting more than he bargained for when he attends Flashs party alone. But as long as she smashed the little bug, whether it be with a boot or a wad of paper towels and didnt use any pesticides or peppermint that would grate on his every last nerve; he could breathe normally. Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater by @frostysunflowers, God, I hope not, otherwise May will skin me alive.. He never knew with them. "Peppermint free. Foods containing any part or oil from a plant in the mint family can cause an allergic reaction in people who are allergic to mint. Both adults in the room simultaneously sighed. It was finally the big day. Hmmm. do you have any fics where peter's spider side is sometimes more harm than good? Of all the things he expected in the grand adventure that is babysitting Peters daughter, Tony did not expect to turn his head to find the kid stuck to the ceiling. An Irondad camping trip and sickfic to soothe your soul, Condiments cant play doctor by14million_constellations. So I am really gonna do it. Peter straightened himself in his chair before standing up. Its okay Bambi Ill have a new desk here in an hour, Peter smiled at that, and Tony knew to take it as a thank you while Peter turned around and placed a hand on the bed. But more often than not it was Clint actively making him laugh, sometimes the jokes were a little mean but he was quick to reconcile. #sick
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